The face of change

We watch how you learn and we listen when you tell us how you work. Both learning and working have changed dramatically since 2001 and it takes a lot more to keep with the pace of change in both areas.

As a worker, you’re on the move more often. You read and do your work more often on mobile devices. You work at all hours of the day with colleagues and partners scattered around the world. And when you want to learn new skills, you turn to YouTube and online tutorials much more often than you stop everything to enroll in traditional classes.

We’ve seen these changes and that’s why we created the TCCI Academy.

The learning you do will come from a combination of short demonstration and concept videos, exercises and reading assignments you’ll do, and discussions you’ll have with our faculty and with your fellow learners.

You’re finished with the days of sitting quietly in an orderly row of chairs while an “expert” fills the room with hot air. For you, learning is an active pursuit, and one that you demand in “right-sized” units. We hear you and that’s what we’re up to at TCCI!