Training Transformation

TCCI creates, or can help you to create performance-based training (both instructor-led and e-learning) – The best training is not only interactive, but also provides learners with evaluation of whether they have mastered the concepts and procedures presented, not through multiple-choice or essay questions, but through actual doing and evaluation of what they did. This is called performance-based training and performance-based evaluation. We can both design and develop performance-based training and evaluation, but also can teach your organization how to do it, too. It takes the appropriate design, development, delivery infrastructure, and delivery. This is especially important for e-learning, which too often is just “read this, answer these questions.”

We can help you to design, develop, and deliver TaaS (Training as a Service) – The model for consuming training has been changing. Your customers often need to target their learning to meet specific training requirements that enable them to realize specific business objectives. This especially true for organizations that use Agile processes for product development. We know how to create a Training as a Service product, with business models, design and development methodologies, and the objectification of training content, pieced together to solve specific problems for your customers. This is especially true if you offer Software as a Service, where training needs to be a click away, but is also true for e-learning and ILTs that need to be consumed on a subscription basis.