We are an organization of individuals dedicated to providing companies with excellent services that accelerate their technical training development, delivery, management, and infrastructure. 


The following price list is effective as of Jan 1, 2021. It is subject to change without notice and is in U.S. dollars. Volume discounts are available.

Organizational development consulting, top-level scoping$280/ hour
Front-end analysis consulting$280/ hour
Lab infrastructure consulting$200/ hour
Instructional design, Senior$200/ hour
Instructional design, Junior$150/ hour
ILT content development, Senior$175 / hour
ILT Content development, Junior$150/hour
Self-paced content development, Senior$125 – $200/hour
TaaS consulting$280/ hour
TaaS content development and deployment$200/ hour
ILT training delivery, in person$2500/ day + T&E
ILT training delivery, virtual/remote$2200/ day
Project management$125/ hour