• “As the Director of Education Services for SCO, the leader in UNIX back in the 90s, my ability to develop and deliver education services to my customers was limited by our internal resources.  So I turned to TCCI, who quickly came up to speed on our products, and developed the most technical courses on time and on budget.  The quality of their work was every bit as good as my internal developers, as was their delivery.  They consistently received kudos from our R&D teams and from our customers, and as training was considered a strategic tool at SCO, they helped SCO achieve our overall business goals”.           
    Jeff Hill, Director of Education Services, SCO

  • “It was a pleasure working with the TCCI team on the IOS Programming course, the XR course, and the NXOS course.    They really came through for us in not only course development but in delivery.”          
    John Walker, Training Development Manager, Cisco

  • “TCCI  quickly came up to speed on our most technical internals courses and created some of the best-reviewed curriculum in the history of the company.  Great people to work with.”         
    Meg McRoberts, Education Mgr, Trend Micro