How do you replace a training department?

You’ve lost your training dept, or significant training resources.  It can happen; it happened to me. It wasn’t fun but we recovered and so can you.

I was the head of product mgmt at a systems software developer.  Due to business circumstances, we cut nearly our entire curriculum development team, and our company’s delivery resources.  But with continuing product development and new products on the roadmap, we NEEDED new content. Our channel partners and end users expected continued world-class training.  But the problem was, no internal resources.

So, we approached a few of our existing training delivery partners to find those who could ramp up delivery, and more importantly, who could develop new curriculum.  A couple of them came through; and one of them, The Computer Classroom Inc. (TCCI), did the hardest new courses. Our new product launches were accompanied by world class training.  TCCI’s secret? Really smart education professionals whose DNA revolves around technology. In my experience, it’s a tough combination to find.

Today, years later, I’m privileged to serve as TCCI’s head of marketing.  If you need to replace some lost training resources, call us.