Founder and Principal

Mr. Thurmaier enjoys more than thirty years of hands-on experience computer science, and over twenty five years experience running a small business. Throughout his career he has kept a systems focus, learning internals for new operating systems for general computing as well as networking devices, networking architecture planning and implementation both for use and defense against attacks, and assimilating this systems perspective to consult with customers on best-practices in product development and deployment.

Mr. Thurmaier began his career working for the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point as an operator on a Burroughs mainframe baby-sitting batch jobs in the academic computing environment. He then transferred to the University of Wisconsin –Madison, where he got a job working for the Computer Systems Lab, helping to maintain dozens of DEC, HP, and IBM systems running BSD and proprietary versions of UNIX, plus one HP 3000 system running HP’s proprietary OS, MPE. While earning both a bachelors and masters of science and computer science, he was also employed by several local firms to write custom software in various languages (BASIC, C, etc.). The UW – Madison campus was one of the early adopters of Internet technology with a BBN IMP and a T1 line.

While finishing his masters in computer science, he started his own software and consulting company writing accounting software, membership database software, porting word processing software from DOS to UNIX, and eventually heading a project to write a RDBMS for UNIX running on small Intel processors running SCO UNIX (this was before the 80386, at which point the large RDBMS companies like Oracle and Sybase ported to UNIX for INTEL-based systems).

In 1989, Mr. Thurmaier founded The Computer Classroom, writing curriculum for SCO’s Lyrix word processor and FoxBase DBMS. The sole-proprietorship became an SCO Authorized Education Center (AEC) later in 1989 and incorporated in 1992. It also added the Detriot, MI, Minneapolis, MN, and Chicago, IL metro areas, plus added authorized status from Unix Systems Labs, Novell, and Microsoft. It was the first SCO AEC to be authorized to teach their programming courses (in shell scripting and C), was the only AEC authorized to teach their Systems Programming course, and was the first external vendor hired to write courseware that they then sold to other AECs. The first course was on TCP/IP network administration. During this time, Mr. Thurmaier and another TCCI employee became the first SCO Triple ACEs (Advanced Certified Engineers) in the world. In 1996, TCCI entered a partnership with SCO exclusive rights to develop and deliver courses on the internals of UnixWare and writing device drivers for UnixWare.

In 1996, Mr. Thurmaier and TCCI were selected to become founding AECs for SunSoft (the software division of Sun Microsystems). Mr. Thurmaier was also selected to become a SunSoft Master Trainer, a certification that authorized Mr. Thurmaier to teach Train the Trainer courses for other SunSoft AECs. This certification included attending and passing a compressed and intense course in T3 skills with Professor Harold Stolavich at the University of Montreal. Professor Stolavich is a recognized authority in Instructional Design and effective teaching methods and is currently at UCLA.

In 1994 TCCI acquired four full class-C addresses from the Internic (this was before CIDR) to network our locations together. TCCI retains all addresses today, routing them over our T1 connection into our headquarters in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Mr. Thurmaier takes an active role in maintaining TCCI’s network and other IT infrastructure to keep associated skills current and to continue to gain perspective from a user’s perspective as he continues to write and teach courses for network administration, system administration, and systems programming.

In 1998, TCCI was engaged by Cisco Systems to learn and deliver courses on their proprietary IOS and (then) IOS NG (now IOS XR) operating systems. TCCI continues to deliver internal courses to Cisco’s software engineers on these operating systems and NXOS (for their Nexus and MDS switches). Today Mr. Thurmaier is the only person authorized to deliver the XR course, and was the first of two people (the second being another member of the TCCI team) to be authorized to deliver the NXOS course.

In 2001, Mr. Thurmaier and TCCI were engaged by Trend Micro to develop courseware for several of their products. Since then, we have developed, and occasionally delivered courses on the following Trend Micro products: InterScan Virus Wall, InterScan Message Virus Wall and InterScan Message Virus Appliance, InterScan Web Virus Wall and InterScan Web Virus Appliance, Thread Detection Mitigator, ESP-SP.

In 2004, because of Mr. Thurmaier’s background included technical as well as people and business skills, Cisco Systems selected him and TCCI to develop and deliver courses for their Phase Containment Initiative, a quality initiative. The courses were focused on both engineers and managers, with separate classes for each. The pilot included training over 600 engineers over 6 months. The rollout included training additional 800 engineers over 8 months. Both phases included T3 courses developed by Mr. Thurmaier based on Professor Stolavich’s materials that allowed Tech Leads to deliver the training to their peers, greatly increasing adoption of the initiative.


  • Has over 30 years of programming experience with an emphasis on operating systems internals, database systems, networking and security and product development.
  • Has authored many hands-on instructor led courses on a variety of technical and soft-skills subjects from systems programming in various operating systems including UNIX/UnixWare/Linux, Cisco IOS, Cisco IOS XR, and Cisco NXOS to  Train the Trainer for Cisco and SunSoft.
  • Has managed a small business of up to ten employees in four separate locations.